In conjunction with a clean, full diet and a great work ethic, Muscle Milk allows lifters who are looking to gain to put on mass. I drink this protein strictly to gain weight as I have an extremely high metabolism. Our Dompany owned facilities are also inspected and regulated by the FDA. So the value of this product is very low GMO. for $5-10 more you can get a great protein supplement that holds a higher protein value per serving, usually around 20-25g which is a big gap from this, just do your research. The Vitamin shopped The Vitamin shopped Our Pampered Home Our Pampered Home In addition to Walmart.Dom items, we offer you products from our Marketplace Retailer partners to give you a wide range of choices. HOWEVER, because I really loved the chocolate taste, I didn't mind the clumping that much because it still tasted great! Monster Milk on Facebook Monster Milk on Twitter Monster Milk on Instagram AN ELITE SUPPLEMENT FOR ELITE ATHLETES Cytomax® was launched because we felt strongly that elite athletes deserved an elite supplement. Don't know what amino spiked is? It is so diverse that you can take it either before your workout or after. Protein is a great place to start, and focusing on getting the right types of protein, in the right amounts, and at the right times is key.

For what you're paying for, I think these is a solid blend. 16g of protein and 15g of carbs+fat. But then again this is only my opinion. Serving Size: 35 g Approx 1 Scoop Other Ingredients: Protein blend calcium and sodium casein ate, milk protein isolate and/or concentrate, whey protein isolate and/or concentrate, whey peptides, lactoferrin, l-glutamine, Maurine, lean lipids blend sunflower oil, medium chain triglyceride, canola oil, l-carnitine, maltodextrin, soluble corn Tiber, crystalline fructose, vitamin mineral blend, natural and artificial flavour, potassium bicarbonate and/or potassium chloride, fructooligosaccharides, salt, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, soy lecithin. Good For Bulking Or For Meal Replacements Muscle Milk is a highly advanced formula protein to not only repair your muscles, but actually help build them. A scoop of this starts the process. Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, CD, an author, speaker, and internationally recognized expert in chronic disease prevention, epidemiology, and nutrition, has taught medical, nursing, public health, and alternative medicine coursework. Average cadmium levels of 5.6 Ag in three daily servings exceeded the USP limit of 5 Ag per day, and the average lead level of 13.5 Ag also topped the USP limit of 10 Ag per day. The Biscuits N Cream flavour was good and with milk it was amazing! Instructions: Mix Two Scoops In 10-12 Al. If you add it to water or milk in a cup and try using a spoon to mix it, you're Donna have big clumps and it won't completely mix.

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A. With amazing taste satisfaction Muscle Milk is ideal for post-workout recovery, as a convenient meal replacement, and as a body-fueling snack between meals. July 30, 2012 CytoSport Muscle milk Biscuits 'n Crete -- 2.48 lbs Your guest list will be temporarily saved until you end this browser session. Honest! Food and Drug Administration for review. January 29, 2012 Rated 5 out of 5 by mambarca GREAt product, fast shipment Just received, and its great! Muscle Milk's Chocolate powder had four heavy metals, and three of these metals were found to be at the highest levels of all the health drinks tested. Muscle Milk Helps Reverse This Muscle Breakdown By Providing The Necessary Nutrients For Muscle Synthesis.

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